Home Seller Tips

Home Seller Tips

Denver is certainly a seller’s market. With prices consistently rising, and demand consistently outpacing supply, list prices have been strong. As you prepare to list your home we have some helpful tips to help you get the best price possible.

Step 1: Get Expert Help

Selling a home without soliciting an expert guide can leave money on the table for a skilled buyer’s agent to take advantage of. Selecting the right Real Estate agent can save you thousands of dollars. Here are a few things to look for:

  1. The Right Skills: Make sure your agent is licensed and has the training and experience to list your home strategically to the right buyers at the right time.
  2. Market Knowledge and Pricing: Check to see if your agent is knowledgeable on market trends and check their experience on pricing homes effectively. 
  3. Access to Buyers: What ways will your agent market your home? Are they well connected with buyer agents? Do they have online tools? What tools do they have available? Every agent has access to the MLS – multi-listing site, which helps spread the word quickly to all buying agents nearby.
  4. Negotiation Track Record: An agent skilled in negotiation will have success stories to share from past clients. Pricing and positioning your home is important – but without a skilled negotiator, you can lose value at the home stretch of your sale. Don’t let that happen! A skilled agent should be happy to share case studies. Make sure to ask!

Step 2: Strategically Price Your Home

Now that you’ve got an expert advisor on your team, it’s time to price your home to meet your goals. Some of the common factors to discuss include:

  • Demand: How desirable is your home in your area?
  • Supply: How many homes are in the market in your area?
  • Comps: What have similar homes in your area sold for recently?
  • Perceived Value: Does your home have upgraded finishes? Curb appeal? Historical value?

It’s not the best idea to listen to Zillow – outdated pricing, missed market trends and subpar pricing modalities can put you at a serious disadvantage. Let your Real Estate agent guide you through the process and work on a listing price you feel comfortable with – taking into account the time on market, return on investment, and competitive positioning.

Step 3: Show Off

Once you’ve set up your price point, your Real Estate agent is going to start marketing like crazy. This means, you will soon have people checking out your home – so you should be READY for them. The goal is to set up in such a way that potential buyers can see themselves living in your home and loving it – so show off your assets! Here are a few tips to get that done:

  • Curb Appeal:  We all know that first impressions are a big deal – so make sure you’ve got this covered. Fresh paint, neat landscaping, clean walkways, gutters and windows all work to make your home more inviting. Expert tip – fresh paint on the front door is a great idea – that’s where buyers are going to pause before entering your home.
  • Keep it General: You probably have some fond memories and decorations that you enjoy in your home, which is great. However, you are now marketing your home with the goal of allowing buyers to envision themselves as the new owners. So, keep your decorations as general as possible, tuck away anything that doesn’t appeal to your buyer.
  • Spick and Span: It goes without saying that your home should be IMPECCABLE – keep it pristine and clean! Show off your space with open windows and bright lighting and clear out your dust bunnies and clutter. This includes closets, cupboards – everything. Think of what you looked at when you bought YOUR home – your buyers are doing the same thing!
  • Fix Imperfections: Clean (or repaint!) the wails, patch nail holes, polish the doorknobs and fix any holes on walls, or any minor imperfections that might devalue your home in the eyes of your potential buyer.
  • Invest in Improvements: Sometimes adding new appliances, air conditioning, or fixing a roof can make or break a deal. Make sure to discuss with your Real Estate agent prior to writing any checks! 

Want More Expert Advice?

If you have any questions or have a particular property you want help with – let us know! Our friendly team of experts is here to help you make the most money possible while enjoying the process. Contact Us!