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    The Top 3 Tips to Buying a Home in Denver

    Congratulations on your decision to buy a new home! The Razr Group is here to give you the top 3 tips to finding exactly what you need.

    Tip 1: Start with a list of what you want

    A lot of things go into a home-buying decision and it is a good idea to have what you want in mind before you get out there. A starter list might include:

    1. Location – starting with a neighborhood that’s close to work and meets your needs for public transportation, shopping, nightlife, attractions, safety, great schools, or quiet atmosphere is going to narrow down your search quickly. Check out our neighborhood guides here.
    2. Size – choosing the best size for you or your family’s needs is another great way to narrow down your search. Are you looking for a place just for you or a family to grow in? How many bathrooms do you need? How many bedrooms?
    3. Layout and Design – choosing a layout that fits your lifestyle will ensure you enjoy your home. For instance, if you like to entertain it might be best go to with an open layout. Or if you prefer quiet, you may want to go with a segmented layout. Are stairs a deterrent for you or anyone in your family? Might want to go with a ranch concept. Are you trying to have a more traditional feel with guests downstairs? Might want to go with a two story.
    4. Lot – do you have kids or dogs that need a large yard, or would you prefer a low-maintenance lawn?
    5. Fixer-upper or move-in ready? Would you like to invest time and money into your home to make it just the way you like it or would you prefer to just move in?
    6. Classic or Modern? Would you like a new home with contemporary finishes, larger rooms and closets? Or an older, charming home that is a bit more cozy?

    Tip 2: Know your budget before you shop

    Finding your minimum and maximum budget range prior to shopping is a good idea. Leaving wiggle room for possible renovations, unplanned monthly expenses and other life goals to make sure you are comfortable with your upcoming investment. Your banker can determine how much you can borrow but only you can decide how much you can afford.

    Tip 3: Contact a Razr Group Real Estate Broker

    Our expert team of brokers is deeply knowledgeable about the Denver market and what to expect. As expert negotiators, we strive to deliver the highest quality homes for the lowest possible purchase price. Contact us to start your strategic plan to find the perfect home.

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